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Hydroponics and indoor farming are intrinsically water-efficient food production systems. Because plants are established and grown in soilless growth media under the process of fertigation (fertilisation through irrigation) hydroponic systems grow more food with less water.


Edama’s desert peat product is a premier, soilless growth medium. It is engineered to provide the right physical and chemical properties to support strong root growth and the optimal balance between water holding capacity and drainage ensuring sufficient water, nutrients and oxygen to plant roots.


Our desert peat is produced locally using sustainable sources of organic waste. And it is entirely biodegradable. Edama’s scientific team designed desert peat to meet the needs of staple indoor crops such as tomatoes, peppers and lettuce yet it is also suitable for any indoor farming as well as ornamentals.


Desert peat applications

Edama’s desert peat is a light brown organic substrate, resembling peat moss or coco peat.  Customers can purchase the product in either standard compacted blocks of 5kg or individualized compacted plug sizes to accommodate specific agricultural needs. Once thoroughly moistened, our desert peat plugs are ready for direct sowing into hydroponic systems, pots or as part of customized media.