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Edama is pioneer in sustainable waste management solutions in Saudi Arabia, offering to its customers the unique opportunity to recycle their organic waste and therefore significantly decreasing their carbon footprint, fulfilling the environmental guidelines posed by the National Transformation plan and the 2030 vision as well as international environmental guidelines.

Our bespoke facilities are tailor-made to suit your municipal waste flow and produce the best soil amendments for your community.


Far from being a nuisance, Desert Compost facilities enrich your living environment. With no foul odors or pests, the local compost zone becomes a community space, a learning experience. 


Reconnect with the natural food cycle by watching your food waste turn into tasty produce from our demo-farm. 

Edama works with your existing waste collectors to ensure your sorted organic waste is seamlessly diverted our facility instead of ending up in landfills, generating potent greenhouse gases such as methane and polluting aquifers through leaching of harmful chemicals.


Your waste becomes a resource, instead of harming public health and the environment.