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About Edama

Based at KAUST in western Saudi Arabia, we first conceptualized the idea of Edama as a solution to the growing threat posed by unsustainable levels of organic waste in the country.


Organic waste, primarily food waste, is a complex problem. Saudi Arabia ranks among the top food wasters in the world. At the same time, the Kingdom has limited arable land and scarce water resources to support mass-scale agriculture and feed the increasing population.


Edama works to improve the entire food system--from production to consumption--simultaneously reducing organic waste in landfills and improving the agricultural sector’s productivity.


Our team brings a diverse set of qualifications, spanning agricultural science, engineering, economics and communications. The breadth of our expertise allows us to take a more holistic approach to addressing the interconnected and complex issues of food waste, sustainability and agricultural productivity.


Sustainability through organic waste recycling


Edama’s organic recycling services reduce food waste for its partners, yielding cost savings and reducing the carbon footprint while providing sustainable waste management solutions for the public and private sectors.


The science behind composting


Edama’s scientific team manages a robust R&D program based at KAUST, developing and testing new agricultural products specifically designed to meet the needs of the local arid and desert ecosystem.


All Edama agricultural products are made from locally sourced and recycled organic waste.Edama’s agricultural products are revolutionizing desert agriculture.


Food and water security in arid regions demand that we grow more food with less water. Edama engineers and manufactures high-quality agricultural products to meet this challenge by maximizing plant productivity while minimizing water demands.